Awakening India 2009 Unite against Terrorism
Awakening India 2010 Promoting Peace & Communal Harmony.
Awakening India 2011 Promoting Gandhian Thoughts, Communal harmony and concernsfor the differently abled Event Execution of a renowned NGO named ‘Deshratna Foundation’
Book 'O' Sansad 2011 An Exhibition of books exclusively wiritten be Member of Parliament
Debate on Media 2012 Parliamentarians and civil society - Role, responsibility and Expectation
Book 'O' Sansad 2012 Creative Display of Books by Sitting MPs at Talkatora Indoor Stadium
Media and Parliament 2013 Releasing the Informative book on Media and Parliament
Books- O -Madhya Pradesh 2013 A Creative Display of Books in Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha
E campaign 2013 E campaign for Assembly Candidates in Delhi Vidhan Sabha Election
E campaign 2014 E campaign for 16th Lok Sabha General Elections
Education Trip 2016 Aditi Mahavidyalaya - University of Delhi
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